Lot 534

[JONSON, Ben (1572-1637)], and others. Christmas, His Masque, [and other Masques], London, [?1631], stitched.

Estimate: £300 - £500
Hammer price: £550
Bidding ended. Lot has been sold.

[JONSON, Ben (1572-1637)], and others.  Christmas, His Masque, as it was Presented at Court, 1616 [and other masques]. [London, c. 1631]. Folio in 4s (283 x 195mm). Stitched. The text of this collection of masques is paginated from [1]-159 (first, or title, leaf browned, some spotting and staining). The Masques included are Christmas (pp.[1]-7), A Masque Presented in the House of the Right Honorable lord Haye. By Divers of Noble Quality, his Friends. For the Entertainment of Monsieur Le Baron de Tour, extraordinaire Ambassadour for the French King  ... 1617 (pp.[9]-15), The Vision of Delight Presented at Court in Christmas, 1617 (pp.16-21), Pleasure Reconciled to Vertue (pp.22-29), For Honour of Wales (pp.30-38), Newes from the New World Discover'd in the Moone (p.39-46), A Masque of the Metamorphos'd Gypsies. As it was Thrice Presented to King James. First, at Burleigh on the Hill. Next, at Belvoyr [sic]. And Lastly, at Windsor. August, 1621 (pp.47-80), The Masque of Augures with Severall Antimasques Presented on Twelfe-Night, 1622 (pp.81-91), Time Vindicated to Himselfe, and to His Honors (pp.92-104), Neptunes [sic] Triumph for the Returne of Albion (p.105-117), Pans [sic] Anniversarie; or, The Shepherds Holy-Day. The Scene Arcadia ... The Inventors Inigo Jones. Ben Johnson [sic] (pp.118-124), The Masque of Owles at Kenilworth. Presented by the Ghost of Captaine Coxe mounted in his Hoby-horse (pp.125-128), The Fortunate Isles, and their Union (pp.129-143), Loves Triumph through Callipolis (pp.144-150) and Chloridia Rites to Chloris and her Nymphs (pp.151-159).

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