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Lot 503

BLOCH, Ernest (1880-1959). A manuscript musical quotation from "Voice in the Wilderness." With other related material. (qty)

Estimate: £200 - £300
Starting bid £20
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BLOCH, Ernest (1880-1959). A manuscript musical quotation in the composer's hand of 4 bars of the opening cello theme from "Voice in the Wilderness," signed by the composer, and further inscribed by him, [?]"Charles-Haute Savire - 1 Nov. 1938", on a piece of thin card measuring 89 x 146mm., with "No.120" inscribed on verso. With a one-page autograph letter, signed by Bloch, to "Mr Griffith", dated Oct 30 1945, listing some of his works; and a printed score of Bloch's "Schelomo" inscribed on the title by Thomas Beecham, the cello part marked by Fournier throughout, and with 58 individual instrumental parts for the same work, many marked for performance. Provenance: from the Collection of the late Dr Elkan Lewis (1931-2020). (qty)

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