Lot 634

"JANSON, Hank" [i.e. Stephen Daniel FRANCES (d. 1989)]. Gun Moll for Hire, London, S. D. Frances, [1948 or later], 8vo, original coloured pictorial wrappers. With 19 other "pulp fiction" books by the same author. (20)

Estimate: £70 - £100
Bidding ended. Lot is unsold.

PULP FICTION - "Hank JANSON" [i.e. Stephen Daniel FRANCES (d. 1989)].  Gun Moll for Hire. London: "Published by S. D. Frances. Sale Distributors: Gaywood Press Ltd.", [1948 or later]. 8vo (183 x 120mm). Illustration on title (light browned, as usual). Original coloured pictorial wrappers with price of 1'6. The blurb on the upper wrapper describes Hank Janson as "Author of Best Selling Tough Gangster Yarns." With 19 other 1940s-60s "pulp fiction" books by the same author, namely Some Look Better - Dead (London, S. D. Frances, [n.d.], with price of 1'6d. on upper wrapper), Some Look Better Dead [i.e. without the hyphen in the title] (London, New Fiction Press ... Gaywood Press Ltd, [n.d.], with price of 2' on upper wrapper), Kill this Man (2 copies, London, Published by Alexander Moring, Ltd., [n.d.], both with price of 2'6 on upper wrapper), Amorous Captive. Volume Two (ditto.), Strange Destiny (ditto.), Jack Spot (ditto.), Too Soon to Die (ditto.), Don't Cry Now (ditto.), Persian Pride (ditto.), Hellcat (ditto.), Revolt (ditto.), Don't Scare Easy (2 copies, ditto.), 48 Hours (ditto.), Framed (ditto.), Enemy of Men (2 copies, ditto.) and Sweet Fury (ditto.), mixed editions, all in original coloured pictorial wrappers. For an entertaining account of the genesis of "Hank Janson" and his novels, and an exploration of their liberal sub-texts which ran counter to the genre's tendency towards misogyny and racism, see Alan C. Tagg's article, "Hank Janson: 'Best of Tough Authors'," in Paperback Parade. The Magazine for Paperback Readers and Collectors (No. 46, July, 2001, pp. 28-42). (20)   

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