Lot 525

VICTORIA, Queen of England (1819-1901). Two autograph letters; and two autograph letters by Disraeli. (4)

Estimate: £300 - £500
Hammer price: £650
Bidding ended. Lot has been sold.

VICTORIA, Queen of England (1819-1901). Two autograph letters on 6-pages, both on mourning paper, addressed to Lady Ailesbury, each signed "VRI"; the first, on Balmoral Castle paper, dated Oct. 13 1884; the second, on paper headed Windsor Castle, dated Dec. 16 1886. The first letter, of 3-pages, on the subject of the death of Lady Ailesbury's sister, is remarkably heartfelt: "... I cannot remain silent at this [illegible word] of deep distress when you have lost your dear Sister, my dear old playfellow whom I see before me now as the beautiful Emma Herbert when we were children together ..." The second congratulates the same recipient on the engagement of her niece to "my God-daughter Alexandrina." Benjamin Disraeli's letters, both to Lady Dorothy Nevill, are also remarkable for their openness: "How delightful are railroads! ... I have still the handkerchiefs you first worked for me; and equally prize those I have now received; because it makes me happy to remember that, in the course of time, my feelings to you have never changed, and that, altho' so many years have elapsed since we first met, my love to you is the same ...." The letters are double framed and glazed. (4)

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